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We wuz framed!!

The three months I've just spent happily wandering around many a colourful and beautifully decorated new village temple in Cambodia or Laos PDR, combined with my wide eyed visit, gazing apon the wonderful carved panels of Ankhor Wat at Siem Reap obviously filled me with a passion for colourful, detailed frames!

I love the way the orderly geometry of the 'frames' contrasts with a sense of the organic that usually runs through my drawings.

It might seem a bit far fetched to you but I also read into these drawings something to do with us humans having one foot in 'everyday mind' and one foot in the 'absolute' (Please don't ask me to explain! Ha ha!)

Here's hoping that you like looking at them, whatever you happen to see in the new drawings I've added to the website. Enjoy!

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