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Two Events in one week!

Many weeks of focused work came to fruition this week with the opening of an exhibition in Upton that I am sharing with two ceramicist friends, Christina Bolt and Imogen Charleston and the Fundraising event that I’ve organised to correspond with the show happens this coming Wednesday in Poole

I'm showing 96 drawings at the Organic Alchemy show - so it's been a very busy and rewarding few weeks getting it all set up and opening it up to the public.

The fundraising event is about raising money for the ‘Music for Everyone’ school, our creative friends in Luang Prabang. As well as having posters and cards for sale it’s going to be a lively evening of live music - with a handful of funny stories and poems thrown in by our guest MC, Ledger de la Bald.

Popular local performers Jonny Phillips and the band, Cute Roots have kindly stepped up to support this fundraising event by performing for free! Thanks you guys! So we’re looking forward to a lively event full of great live music and fun stories.

As another little fundraising idea for the music school I had a set of six 'Lyric poster's printed off, with lyrics from some of my songs and a drawing on each. The posters are on sale at the exhibition and the Fundraising event and are proving to be popular.

So far we’ve raised £170 for the music school through the sale of posters, greetings cards and prints at our exhibition. And with a week to go for the exhibition and with our fundraising event happening in a couple of days, here’s hoping it continues to be an enjoyable and successful couple of weeks showing artwork, making music and reconnecting with a lot of good friends! It makes all the hard work worthwhile

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