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                         Trevann Fanthorpe photographed in 2018 by John Ralph

My artwork hasn't always looked like the drawings you see on this site. Over the years I've made everything from pencil portraits of local people in Kashmir (1977-78) to huge and ambitious, youthful 'social realism' works in the form of combined paintings and multi media sculptures. (Den Haag 1973-74).


I spent several very happy years painting and drawing landscapes and scenes from life and then selling them while I travelled the world from Europe to Asia. (1977-81) and then later, in my 40s I spent a couple of years thoroughly immersed in making lost wax bronze sculptures with psychological themes (Poole, England, 1998-99). And inbetween all of those good times I've also had many an enjoyable year focused on playing music and singing and not doing any artwork at all!  


But since 2011 I seem to have been on a roll with this eight year series of, 'Life in the Hedgerow' drawings, using acrylic inks and fine technical pens, more often than not while travelling in Cambodia and Lao PDR.


Eight years on and I continue to enjoy hours of peaceful contemplation, often listening to podcasts from the San Fransisco Zen Center 'while drawing occurs'! 


These days I like to use the sales of my artwork to raise money for a handful of wonderful backstreet projects I've come across in Luang Prabang and to support the warm-hearted and hard working individuals I've met who give their time and energy to making those projects work.




1966-1969 Teaching Certificate, Alsager College of Education, Keele

1973-1974 Sculpture, Psychopolis, de Vrie Academie, Den Haag, Nederlands

2003-2006 BA (hons), Arts University, Bournemouth 









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